HobbyZone Beginner Electric R/C Airplanes

Firebird Commander 2


Mini Super Cub

Our Price: $99.99

HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2

Two channel HobbyZone R/C airplane that is designed for the starter pilot. The Firebird Commander 2 is a great bargain considering how much you will learn about flying R/C airplanes... Details

HobbyZone Champ R/C Airplane

The HobbyZone Champ is very lightweight and possesses a large wing area for the ultimate stability and control. The yellow color makes the Champ easy to track in the sky... Details

HobbyZone Mini Super Cub

Simply put, the HobbyZone Mini Super Cub is a smaller version of the extremely popular Super Cub. Flying in a more confined space is what the Mini Super Cub was designed for... Details

Firebird Stratos

Replacement Parts

Super Cub

Our Price: $199.99 RTF

HobbyZone Firebird Stratos

Twin engine electric HobbyZone R/C airplane. Unmatched control on turns as one propeller speeds up to help in your turn radius. Good accceleration and climbs steadily... Details

HobbyZoneR/C Airplane Parts

Parts for all HobbyZone R/C airplanes are inexpensive and of high quaility. There is no need to buy a whole new airplane if you have a severe crash. We carry all the parts and upgrades you need... Details

HobbyZone Super Cub Remote Control Airplane

The HobbyZone Super Cub is a gold standard when it comes to starter R/C airplanes. Extremely popular, comes in a BNF or RTF version. The BNF version does not include a transmitter... Details


Beginner R/C Airplanes

Remote control airplanes from HobbyZone are geared for the starter flyer and novice. There is no better place to start your hobby. Do the research, you will find that HobbyZone supplies the best beginner remote control airplanes in the business. HobbyZone's airplanes are designed with flyability, strength and cost in mind.

HobbyZone has recognized the most common mistake by first time R/C pilots and rectified it through anti crash technology (A.C.T.). With this technology, the airplane will correct itself if it senses you are about to crash headlong into the ground. HobbyZone's lightweight durable remote control airplanes have a large wing area for maximum lift. Even if you have an engine fail, you should be able to glide in for a smooth landing.

A.C.T. Anti Crash Technology

While it is not possible yet to have a remote control airplane that will not crash, HobbyZone's anti crash technology eliminates the most common mistake a beginner makes. This is during a nosedive and compensating too much which leads into a straight down head on crash into the ground. A.C.T. senses when you are in a nosedive and knows how close you are to the ground. It will over control of the aircraft just long enough to level out your wings. This feature can be turned off as you become a more capable remote control airplane flyer.

Can I Fly Out of Range?

It is possible to fly out of range of your transmitters signal, however it is very unlikely. The range on all HobbyZone R/C airplanes is more than sufficient. In fact, the plane will barely be visible before you lose communication. If that does happen, the motor shuts off and it will come down, hopefully in a glide pattern. This should not be a major concern for you, just keep the remote control airplane in sight, and you will be fine.

What are Channels?

When purchasing an R/C airplane, there will be a reference to how many channels the R/C aircraft has. The less channels, the more it is geared to the beginner. A 2 channel R/C airplane enables you to control the steering and throttle. Throttling up makes the plane fly higher and faster, throttling down makes the plane descend. A 3 channel R/C airplane adds the capability of controlling the elevator which enables you to go up or down without relying soleley on the throttle. A 4 channel R/C airplane contains all the controls as a 3 channel airplane but adds aileron control. This gives you the ability to tilt the main wings up and down.

Channel 1 = Rudder - Steering
Channel 2 = Throttle - Power and Altitiude
Channel 3 = Elevator - Up and Down
Channel 4 = Ailerons - Control the Banking Ability






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