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The HobbyZone Champ R/C Airplane is really light so most crashes do not cause a lot of damage. It's quite amazing how the Champ flies so easily and is rugged enough to withstand several crashes. You should buy an extra LiPo battery to extend your flight times at the park. An extra set of main and tail wings on hand will make your day flying that much more enjoyable knowing that you have the parts in case of a major crash. Whatever upgrades or accessories are released in the future, we will post them here.

Here is a link to the HobbyZone Champ Manual.

2.4GHz Remote Control Prop w/Spinner 130x70 (2) Prop Shaft w/Gear
Product Code: PKZ3341
Our Price: $42.49
Product Code: EFL9051
Our Price: $4.99
Product Code: EFL9054
Our Price: $4.99
Transmitter Prop and Spinner Shaft with Gear
Prop w/Spinner 130x70 (1) Champ Propeller Shaft Decals
Product Code: HBZ4901
Our Price: $2.99
Product Code: HBZ4904
Our Price: $2.99
Product Code: HBZ4913
Our Price: $3.99
Propeller and Spinner Shaft Decals for the Champ
Champ Landing Gear Champ Main Wing Pushrods w/Accessories
Product Code: HBZ4918
Our Price: $5.99
Product Code: HBZ4920
Our Price: $11.39
Product Code: HBZ4921
Our Price: $4.99
HobbyZone Champ Landing Gear Main Wing for the Champ R/C Airplane Pushrods with Accessories
Gearbox No Motor Gearbox with Motor Complete Tail Wing Set
Product Code: HBZ4929
Our Price: $6.99
Product Code: HBZ4930
Our Price: $15.19
Product Code: HBZ4931
Our Price: $7.99
Gearbox Gearbox w/Motor HobbyZone Champ Tail Wing
Fuselage w/Electronics Fuselage w/o Electronics Champ Receiver
Product Code: HBZ4952
Our Price: $50.39
Product Code: HBZ4967
Our Price: $11.39
Product Code: PKZ3351
Our Price: $59.99
Fuselage with Electronics Bare Fuselage HobbyZone Champ Receiver
HobbyZone Champ Tail Wheel Foam Safe Glue Thunder Power 3.7V 160mAh
Product Code: PKZ3507
Our Price: $3.99
Product Code: EFLA208
Our Price: $16.62
Product Code: THP1601SL25UM
Our Price: $8.99
Tail Wheel Foam Safe Glue Battery Upgrade


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