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HobbyZone Champ Remote Control Airplane Features:

Only $89.99
22.4" Wingspan
14.3" Length
1.3 oz Flying Weight
3 Channel R/C Airplane
Removable Landing Gear
Steerable Tail Wheel
For the Beginner
Ready to Fly
Full Line of Parts Available

Champ Remote Control Airplane

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Introductory level R/C airplane from HobbyZone. The Champ RTF is (Ready to Fly) right out of the box. The HobbyZone Champ is an extremely light remote control airplane which makes flying in wind a little bit of a challenge. After a few successful flights, you will be able to fly it in very light winds. Since it is so light, crashing does not usually cause a lot of damage. This is a huge plus for the absolute beginner because you will be crashing. No matter what beginner R/C airplane you start with, you will crash. The Champ is very durable, think of all those aircraft that got shot up in WWII and still made it home. Well, not quite, but the fact remains that the HobbyZone Champ can survive your initial crashes so you can keep practicing.


The wing area is quite large and the HobbyZone Champ RTF has a high aspect ratio which gives it the extra lift beginners need. Take off's thrown out of the hand or from the ground can get to around 40 degrees. Who hasn't thrown their R/C airplane directly into the ground during take off? Nice power that really helps flyability. Perform touch and goes, loops, and fly upside down. The yellow color makes it easier to track in the sky.

The HobbyZone Champ R/C airplane can fly slowly at 1/3 throttle so you have time to react. As you get better, use more throttle to improve your skills. The aerodynamics are quite good as the Champ can correct itself if you give too much input. The main landing gear is removable and the tail wheel is steerable. Removing the landing gear will help the stability. Just make sure you have a patch of grass to land on. The HobbyZone Champ is certainly one of the best trainer R/C airplanes out there.

Champ Parts, Upgrades and Accessories

If you have a crash severe enough to have broken a part or parts on your Champ, no need to worry, you do not have to buy a new R/C airplane. The HobbyZone Champ has replacement parts for sale at a reasonable cost.

Champ parts can be found here.



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