HobbyZone Firebird Stratos Electric R/C Airplane

The Firebird Stratos Our Price: $129.99 Product Code: HBZ7700 Firebird Stratos Parts for Sale
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HobbyZone Firebird Stratos R/C Airplane Features:

Only $129.99
42" Wingspan
30" Length
17 oz Flying Weight
3 Channel R/C Airplane
Twin Electric Motors
Ready to Fly
Assembles in Minutes
10 Mnute Flight Time on a Charge
Full Line of Replacement Parts Available

The Firebird Stratos

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The Firebird Stratos is a stylish twin electric motor HobbyZone R/C airplane. Its made from light impact resilient Z-Foam construction that has become the choice of so many R/C airplane manufacturers. The nose is made from rubber to absorb rough landings. In the event of a crash, the wings are designed to separate thus avoiding serious damage. If you are flying in a field that has tall grass or rough landscape, the landing gear can be removed so the Firebird Stratos will slide when landing in that environment. The assembly required is minimal and the owners manual contains easy to follow step by step instructions. With no experience putting models together, you should be able to assemble in less than an hour. Everything is included that you will need to get flying.


The HobbyZone Firebird Stratos is a twin electric motor R/C airplane that is for the beginner flyer. Certainly you should read the flying tips in the manual and perhaps even fly a bit on a simulator prior to your first flight. The dual props make acceleration and turning really smooth. When you apply left rudder, the right motor speeds up and the left motor slows down. Vice versa on right rudder. This makes turning tight and stable and turns at the same radius despite your speed. This is very important in making the Firebird Stratos easier to fly.

Firebird Stratos Parts, Upgrades and Accessories

Despite the toughness of the Firebird Stratos, as with any remote controlled aircraft, you will eventually need to buy replacement parts. Thankfully, Firebird Stratos parts are inexpensive. Whatever new upgrades or parts become available, we will be sure to post them.

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