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No matter what part of your HobbyZone R/C airplane is damaged, you can purchase a replacement part at a very low cost. Parts are easy to install, your manual that came with the airplane will have some instructions on how to replace some parts. It also contains a list of parts with their part numbers. Each plane is unique in its own way, but all of them are built in such a way that replacing a part is really simple. YouTube has many videos on this, chances are someone has posted a video detailing how to replace the specific part you are replacing.

Click on the specific R/C airplane links above to see a list of parts, upgrades and accessories currently available for your model. We have the part numbers, price, and a picture of the part to ensure you are purchasing the correct one.


Hands down, the best way to learn to fly your HobbyZone R/C airplane is to fly it with an experienced R/C airplane pilot. Since most of us do not know an experienced R/C pilot, here are some ways of gaining the experience you need to keep from crashing too many times.

Read the Manual Twice
Watch Instructional Videos on YouTube
Purchase an R/C Simulator
Choose a Field with a Large Open Area
Test the Remote Control and R/C Airplane before Take Off
Fly Within your Capabilities
Have an Extra Battery to Extend your Flight Time
Practice Practice Practice

The common crashes are head on or clipping of the wing. You might want to have an extra propeller, nose piece, and a set of main wings. It could be frustrating to take off and crash in seconds and have to go back to the hobby store. Another item to bring is foam glue and packing tape. Yes, packing tape. It can repair large nicks on the wings and reinforce parts of the fuselage.






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