HobbyZone Super Cub Electric R/C Airplane

Buy the Super Cub RTF Our Price: $199.99 Product Code: HBZ7400 Super Cub Parts for Sale
BNF Our Price: $169.99 Product Code: HBZ7380
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HobbyZone Super Cub R/C Airplane Features:

Only $199.99 for RTF Version
Only $169.99 for BNF Version
32.5" Length
25.2 oz Flying Weight
47.7" Wingspan
3 Channel R/C Airplane
Some Minor Assembly Required
Steerable Tail Wheel
Learn to Fly DVD
Full Line of Replacement Parts

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The HobbyZone Super Cub DSM RTF might possibly outlive anyone reading this. Certainly there will be some upgrades and tweaks, but the essence of this excellent R/C aircraft will stay the same. It has become the standard for most all beginner R/C airplanes. Since it is larger and heavier than other HobbyZone R/C aircraft, it flies well in wind up to 10 mph. Anti Crash Technology (ACT) will save you from severe nose dives into the ground. 3 channel remote control plane (has no ailerons) so it is a great starter.

BNF (Bind 'n Fly) vs RTF ( Ready to Fly)

There are currently two versions of the HobbyZone Super Cub for sale. There is a BNF (Bind n Fly) version and a RTF (Ready to Fly ) version. The BNF version does not contain a remote control. This way, if you already have a compatablte transmitter, you do not need to purchase another one. If this is a hobby you will stick with over the years, in the long run it is a good idea to buy a remote control that you can bind to other R/C airplanes. In the long run you will end up saving money. The RTF version is just that, ready to fly, everything you need including the remote control is in the box.

Super Cub Parts, Upgrades and Accessories

Super Cub has an X-Port for added accessories such as parachute drops, a night flying kit, skis to land on snow, and and even a float kit to land on water. There is also a combat module where you can combat other flyers. When hit, your engine will stall for a monent. It is unbelievable fun, but perhaps that module is best for the HobbyZone Firebird Commander 2 R/C airplane which is half the price or for seasoned R/C pilots. Super Cub replacement parts do not cost a lot and are easy to install on the aircraft.

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